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In the heart of every human person is the desire for love and happiness, and a sense that we ought to be living for something greater than ourselves. Whether we realise it or not, these desires are constantly played out in popular film, music and in each of our personal stories.

At Donum Ministries, we seek to share the Christian message of life, love and our deepest purpose in an authentic and relatable way. We offer reflection days for years 9-12 and talks suited for audiences from teen years to adulthood.

Come with us on a journey as we discover what it means to be truly human, to live life to the full, and to ultimately find ourselves in the God Who we are made for, and His call to be a gift to others.


What others are saying

“Honestly, it was amazing!”

Year 9 Student

Penola Catholic College (NSW)

We invited Tomasz to speak to our students on a number of occasions. Tomasz was able to connect and relate to our students whilst still being honest about his faith, what it means to him and can be for all of us. Speaking to Year 8 students you don’t know and keeping them engaged is a hard gig, but Tomasz did it with ease. The presentation was really well received by our students and staff. Tomasz’s heart is in the right place and the students could see that. I would definitely recommend him for any speaking opportunity.

James Wright

Director, Pastoral Care (Years 5-12), St Aloysius Catholic College (Tasmania)

Tomasz is an outstanding presenter. He is vulnerable and genuine with those in his audience and makes a lasting impact. He brings his faith to the forefront and his testimonials are relatable and deeply impactful to all in the audience, particularly the young men. I would thoroughly recommend him for your school, youth group, adult group, wherever!

Colm McCaughan

Assistant Dean of Ministry, Rosebank College

Tom is a delight to work with. He is knowledgeable, a great team player and serves with a humble heart. Tom is always focused on the mission at hand – building the kingdom of God. Not only will he tailor a talk to the needs of your community but he will also mentor, guide and pray for you. He is well-liked and respected by students, staff and families. Most importantly, Tom is a witness to his faith and this is evident in every session he delivers. Trustworthy, reliable and highly recommended!

Dominique Farah

Education Officer, Sydney Catholic Schools

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