Below are some talk topics that are available for your next event. Each of these talks generally run from 45-60 minutes and weave Catholic teaching with personal testimony.  Please get in touch and we can discuss how they can be tailored to your event’s audience, theme and schedule.

The Joy of Authentic Love

The world teaches us to pursue happiness in living for ourselves, but we are made for love, and it is in learning to be a gift to others that we find true joy.

What You're Made For: Manhood, Marvel & Making it Count

What can superhero movies teach us about masculinity, love and self-sacrifice? This talk explores the Christian themes in the Avengers series to engage and inspire men of all ages.

Repentance and the Mercy of God

Drawing from his own testimony, the message of Divine Mercy and some incredible stories from history, Tomasz shows how God's love has the power to transform, and none of us are beyond His mercy.

Joy in Suffering

Can suffering really be a gift? How can we be joyful even in hard times? This talk explores the Catholic view of the meaning of suffering.

The Meaning of Life

What does it mean to be human? What are we made for? This talk explores our ultimate purpose: we are made for love by the God who is Love. This life is short - but we are made for eternity!

St Joseph: Model of Manhood

While St Joseph didn't say much in Scripture, there is plenty we can learn from his example. This talk looks at St Joseph as a powerful intercessor and a model of manhood for us even today.

Food for the Journey

The Christian call to radical love seems impossible; but what's impossible for man is possible with God. In this talk we explore how prayer and the Sacraments are key to living out our call and experiencing the power of God at work in our lives. God wants to work miracles, we just need to let Him.